Ethics committee for direct marketing

DM-nämnden (ethics committee for direct marketing) is a result of the desire for self-regulation among organizations representing companies involved in direct marketing. The committee’s task is to follow direct marketing development, pointing out unacceptable practises and contribute to the setting of standards for future market action.

DM-nämnden examines matters relating to the implementation of good market ethics. It may be, for example, if you have been called by a sales person even though your number is listed in the NIX-registry. The committee also issues opinions, hold discussions with the authorities and provide information on matters related to direct marketing.

The committee is made up of an experienced lawyer with judge experience as chairman and five members nominated by organizations of Sveriges Annonsörer, Svensk Distanshandel, Föreningen NIX-Telefon and SWEDMA. The matters to be considered by the committee are prepared by a secretary with special expertise in the area.

DM-nämnden regularly exchange experiences, knowledge and information with relevant authorities. The board also meet with an informal reference group consisting of representatives including Konsumentverket and Datainspektionen.

Once a notification has been received by the committee it is awarded the so-called reference number. Then it is reviewed by the Secretary if the case falls within the committee’s jurisdiction and then puts together the information and material needed by the committee to consider the case.

DM-nämnden deals with both the direct marketings form and content as well as how the sender uses personal data and address registers. When a case is treated, or "tested", no one that represents or is an employee of the company in question must be present. DM-nämndens examination leads to a statement that, among other things, published on the Board's website.

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