The NIX registry

Kontakta is one of the initiators of NIX-telefon and is one of ten principals represented on its board. NIX-telefon is an excellent example of how industry self-regulation has created a practice that has become a guiding principle for all market players. To NIX-oneself is today an established concept for consumers. According to the Swedish Marketing Law, a marketer is guilty - with some exceptions - to check if a private person's phone number is registered with NIX-telefon before sales, marketing or fundraising calls is made to him/her.

NIX-telefon has two purposes:

1. To enable individuals to easily inform vendors and marketers if they do not want phone calls for sales, marketing or fundraising purposes
2. The business community should have access to a central register of individuals who have indicated that they do not wish to be contacted by telephone for sales, marketing or fundraising purposes.

Even the International Chamber of Commerce rules require that marketers and other respects consumers' desire not to be exposed to some type of direct marketing, telemarketing, for example, by using the existing system of preferences (as NIX-telefon) or their own internal lists.

NIX-telefon is powered by a non-profit organization with the same name and has 10 industry associations as members. The association was founded on 1 October 1999. The association NIX-Telefon’s activities are managed by its Board of Directors.

Note that NIX-telefon only applies to individuals who have expressed that they do not wish to be contacted by telephone in marketing, sales or fundraising purposes.

All you need to do to block your number, call 077 228 00 00 and follow the instructions. Done!

Learn more about NIX Phone here (in Swedish)